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SAP Business One Product Features

With SAP Business One, you have access to timely, reliable and complete business information. This means you can make smarter, more informed decisions that are based upon an up-to-the-minute picture of what's happening in your business.

Overview of Functional Areas:

Finance Sales-A/R Purchasing-A/P Banking
Inventory Business Partners (CRM) Sales Opportunities MRP
Production Service Management Human Resources Reporting

SAP Business One : Financials
Financial accounting delivers tools and reports that enable you to manage all your financial processes, including:

  • Chart of Accounts allows you to define all your company's accounts and their hierarchical relationships.

  • Journal entries allow you to enter or find your manual journal entries. Each transaction can be automatically allocated to a project or a profit centre.

  • Transaction templates save time and prevent mistakes when entering manual journal entries.

  • Recurrent journal transactions let you create your own set of recurrent transactions, including automatic frequency reminders.

  • Exchange rate differences adjust your foreign currency accounts to the changes in your local currency.

  • Trial balance report displays your accounts' balances and transactions. You can view all your financial reports in any desired currency, and in each detailing level.

  • Profit and Loss report displays your incomes and expenses in the conventional way used by accountants.

  • Balance sheet displays your assets and liabilities in the conventional way used by accountants.

  • Comparative reports allow all your reports to be displayed in a comparative view between months, quarters, years, or any other period.

  • Budget helps you define and track your budget in any currency and view a summarising budget report, which compares the actual versus the planned figures.

  • Financial reports designer gives you the power to create unlimited financial reporting templates. Controlling lets you manage all aspects of cost centres with a powerful set of automated tools, including:
    A profit centre enables you to define the various profit centres and departments of your business. In the chart of accounts you will be able to directly associate suitable income or cost accounts to a predefined profit centre.

  • Overhead absorption factors give you the ability to define the different allocation factors that characterize your business activity. This includes the area of the business, employee division, or income ratio.

  • Profit centres and overhead factors table displays all profit centres and the absorption factors in a table form, making it easy to view and adjust the figures. It also lets you create more new centres and factors.

  • Profit centres report displays a managerial profit and loss report for each profit centre based on all of its revenues and expenses, direct and indirect, according to predefined absorption factors. You can choose a display of yearly or monthly formats, and compare it with last year's figures.

  • Project costing can allocate all revenue and expenditure to a project enabling you to perform analysis of project costs.
SAP Business One : Sales A/R
From price quotes to invoicing and payment, sales helps you complete your entire sales cycle with the following tools and capabilities:

Quotation features allow you to automatically issue a price quote to your customers, measure your gross profit for this quotation, update your stock levels, and report the customer's current balance.

Order entry tools allow you to enter your customers' orders, automatically reserve the item ordered, and notify your warehouse of the delivery date.

Picking and Delivery enables you to plan the warehouse picking activity and produce delivery notes.

Returns record stock entry returned from your customers.

Invoicing automatically creates the invoice and records the stock transaction and the journal transaction while issuing an automatic receipt in case customers are paying any part of their bill instantly.

Credit notes credit your customers if they return goods or for any other reason.

Reserve invoicing lets you issue an invoice without changing the stock balances.

Auto summary wizard summarises into one invoice all former accounts receivable documents related to all your customers.

Drafts give you the ability to print, edit and manage documents that were saved as drafts.
SAP Business One : Purchasing A/P
With purchasing you can manage and maintain every aspect of your supplier relationships.

Tools and processes include:

  • Purchase order allows you to issue a purchase order to your suppliers for materials or services. The order will update the available amount for the items ordered, and notify the warehouse manager of the expected delivery date.

  • Purchase delivery note updates the actual in-stock amount without affecting the suppliers account balance.

  • Purchase return records goods returned to your supplier.

  • Purchase invoice records your suppliers' invoices and simultaneously records a stock entry.

  • Purchase credit note credits your supplier upon return of goods or for any other reason, when such credit is required.

  • Import calculates the landed value of imported goods. It helps allocate different types of costs and expenses such as shipping, insurance, and customs.
SAP Business One : Banking
Bank transactions provide the tools you need to handle all your financial processing, including:

Receipt records any payment term given to you by a customer such as cheques, credit cards, cash or bank transfers.

Payment to supplier issues a payment to your suppliers, allocates payments to open purchase invoices, and automatically prints the cheque.

Deposits enable you to deposit cash, credit cards or cheques to the bank.

Deferred cheques automatically display the deferred cheques that should be deposited that day.

Cheques for payment issues cheques for your vendors, employees, or other creditors. It can write and print cheques, and update the creditor balance accordingly.

Reconciliation gives you fully automatic bank reconciliation. You can reconcile debit versus credit transactions or reconcile your data with your bank's records.
SAP Business One : Inventory
Inventory gives you the tools and processes you need to handle your stock merchandise, including:

  • Item management manages all your item information such as name and code, barcode, trademark, measures, prices, and even the item's picture.

  • Item query gives you a quick view of your items' details.

  • Price lists lets you define as many price lists as you need and associate them with each of your customers or suppliers.

  • Special prices records prices for unique customers or from unique suppliers. You can also set "quantity sensitive" prices, which will be changed according to quantities purchased.

  • General receipt/release from stock allows you to record a stock entry or release, which was not connected directly to an AP/AR document.

  • Transfer between warehouses enables you to record all transfers between your warehouses.

  • A stock transaction maintains opening balances for your stock items and updates your stocktaking data.
SAP Business One : Business Partners (CRM)
SAP Business One allows you to track and manage all the information about your existing and potential customers, your partners and your suppliers.

Capabilities include:
  • The ability to keep detailed records about your existing and prospective customers, partners and suppliers including: company information, multiple addresses, multiple contacts, segmentation information, account balances, and much more.

  • Record, schedule and diarise all contact points including: telephone calls, campaigns, meetings, appointments and follow-up activity.

  • Manage your customer and supplier opening balances.

  • Display details of pending and diarised calls and appointments - for ease of reference and a timely reminder of actions that need to be taken.
SAP Business One : Sales Opportunities
SAP Business One allows you to track and manage all the information about your existing and potential customers, your partners and your suppliers.

Capabilities include:
  • Record all sales opportunities from the very first point of contact to successful closure.

  • Report on your sales opportunities in three main dimensions: opportunities by customer, opportunities per item, and opportunities per salesperson.

  • Display a dynamic sales funnel that shows all sales stages from initial contact right through to order.
SAP Business One : MRP Wizard
MRP manages material requirements planning (MRP) through a wizard-based process.

This process enables users to define a planning scenario in five easy steps based on a range of criteria; it also enables them to predict demand based on forecasts.
SAP Business One : Production
Provides comprehensive tools and reports to streamline and enhance your production, including:

  • Product tree (bill-of-material) definition enables you to define a multi-level bill-of-materials, including the main product and all the raw materials that are used in its production process, with their quantities and respective warehouses.

  • Work order lets you record production orders and then convert them into work orders, up to the final stage of finished goods. You will be able to instantly run a quantity check for sufficient existing stock levels.

  • Open work order summarises all the current work in process at present and connects you to all work orders.

  • A production recommendation enables you, at any stage of the work process, to check the availability of all products or materials needed to complete the production.

  • Bill of Materials report gives you a view of all bills of materials in any desired level.
SAP Business One : Service Management
The Service module is used to manage the interaction between service representatives and customers. It enables you to enter and maintain information on service contracts, items and serial numbers, and customer complaints and enquiries, as well as to perform numerous related functions. Each time the customer reports of a problem, you log it in by opening a service call.

  • The Service Call enables you to resolve customer complaints or inquiries and deal with item-related problems.

  • Customer Equipment Card can contain all the serial number items for which service can be physically provided.

  • Service Contract stores formal agreements where services and rights are exchanged for a payment. It enables a customer to receive service for items and serial numbers, identifies the amount of payment, time frame, and other provisions and clauses.

  • Knowledge Base Solution includes key solutions to solve various problems and cases. It helps streamline service and speed up service representatives’ performance.

  • Service Reports enable you to view and analyse data related to service contracts, customer equipment, and service calls. You can check service calls of individual sales representatives, or those reported by certain custom
SAP Business One : Human Resources
The Human Resource module is used to enter and maintain information on the company employees and to perform numerous related functions.

You can perform the following tasks:
  • Enter and maintain general and personal employee information, such as the age, marital status, passport and ID number, phone numbers, and home and work addresses.

  • Manage information regarding customer education, previous jobs record, results of the professional reviews, and absence days.

  • Analyse employee costs and salaries.

  • You can also create various reports and employee lists to run your business more efficiently.
SAP Business One : Reporting
Reporting can open an entirely new world of data and information.

Examples include:

  • To do lists allow managers to quickly receive updates of all their business irregularities, such as unpaid invoices, open price quotes or orders, missing items, and more. A hot-link to MS-Word allows you to create, in a single click, a set of letters to each obliged customer.

  • Customers/suppliers debts ageing lets you view all your customers' and suppliers' debts, sorted and divided by their age. By clicking on a customer line, you can view a detailed report for the customer. Hot-link to MS-Word also allows you to create, in a single click, a full status report of all customer debts.

  • Sales analysis allows you to analyse your sales in three main dimensions: sales by customer, sales per item, and sales per agent. You can also create any cross sectioning between these dimensions in order to get a better view. This report will automatically create charts to display the data graphically as well as drill down to a highly detailed level.
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